Hello, from an official COLLEGE GRADUATE.

Well, guys, I did it. I graduated from college and guess what the first thing I did was. I moved home. I am the stereotypical boomerang kid. Only for a few months though because this September I am moving. I will no longer be a Wyoming farm kid in Wyoming. I will be a Wyoming farm kid in South Dakota. I am becoming a midwesterner. That is a sentence I never thought would be coming from me. It is going to be a whole new world and I am ready for it. Let’s see if I pick up those midwestern sayings or the accent. So any advice is welcomed and encouraged.


Hello, from an almost college graduate.

Just your classic barn picture with a skull and a sign.

Well, guys, it has been a hot minute again, hasn’t it? It has been a crazy last few months. Starting my final semester of college and trying to outrun my senioritis has been a bit of a struggle, I am not going to lie. Like this moment, for instance, I am writing this when I could be doing the schoolwork that is more pressing and actually has a deadline, but I like this better. There has been a lot going on. So, I graduate in two weeks, more specifically 14 days, 8 hours and 58 minutes. Can you tell I am almost done, because I am. I have been really thinking about what I want to do with my life trying to figure that out in a few weeks what I should have been figuring out over the last four years, but hey, you don’t know till ya know, right? I’ve always loved the farm and growing up there and it really is what I know. It is what I love and what means the most to me. Aside from the farm providing amazing photo opportunities, it has taught me so much about the world and what it means to work hard for the benefit of the globe. It really grinds my gears when people do not understand all that it means to be a farmer and the privilege they have of eating every meal. Not to be hypocritical because I am guilty, too, of not being as appreciative as I should be for all that has been provided to me, but I have knowledge and care for what it takes to get the food from the farm to the table. So for something in the future that I would like to do involves agriculture because as you all know, or will know, “We put the AG is SWAG!”


Mini Update

Hey folks, in case you have not noticed I have made a sharp right turn into the field of Agriculture as the subject of my blog. It is what I grew up knowing and loving and I want to continue to learn and share about this a-maize-ing lifestyle. I would like to combine my love of the farm with my love of photography so I plan on keeping this site updated as frequently as possible with photos. I also want to share what I learn so hopefully I learn a tonne and share a tonne with you all. I hope this site grows and can help educate everyone about the farming and ranching community. Thanks for your support.

~♥~ A Farmer’s Daughter ~♥~

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 11.23.39 PM

A day or two in the life of a Farmer/Rancher


Going outside in the morning, these are the first to welcome the farmer as he heads out to feed the livestock.
Winter days on the farm revolve around the animals. Here are a few of the cows waiting for their lunch. Because this is a farm and ranch, the cows are scheduled to calve in February so the crops can be taken care of in the summer.
This is Farmer Keith and his loyal companions, Buck and Belle, holding the gate for the feeder to come spread the mixed feed. These two animals are loyal to a fault and play a major part in the farm’s dynamic. If Keith leaves them home they will cry and whine until he returns.
IMG_1832 (1)
The sign on the old barn reads “Little Dropout Ranch”. The name was inspired by the fact that the original owner dropped out of school in eighth grade and started farming. Seeing this everyday reestablishes the feeling of thankfulness that he has been lucky enough to be able to live his dream.
This is the original barn on the place which is surrounded by the main corrals. These corrals created many memories because they are where we had our brandings and where we trained our 4-H animals.
IMG_1929 (1)
Here is that same barn the very next day. It perfectly represents the wide array of weather conditions farmers need to be able and equipped to handle. This storm created some issues while trying to accomplish tasks that were supposed to happen in better weather but they were completed in blizzard weather.
Here is Farmer Keith setting up a fence to keep the cows safe and where they need to be. The surprise of the snow was not very appreciated but the work never stops for the weather. Life goes on and the job has to be done.
IMG_1908 (1)
Surprisingly, the majority of his day is consumed by his phone. Being in charge of a crew who do not have as much experience can be challenging when there is so much that needs to be accomplished. He was resistant to smartphones but they have ended up being a huge advancement in how the farming-ranching operation is run..


I am Pro GMO.

Guys, I am climbing up on my soap box, something I rarely do. I feel as though I have seen too much fake news about this topic in which I believe wholeheartedly. Please bear with me because I am slightly fired up. While scrolling through Pinterest recently, I was presented with a pin that made me uncomfortable. It negatively depicted something I know to be a life-changing, life-saving product. This pin was promoting the anti-GMO agenda. I am a small town, farm raised college student and in my time at University, I have researched and written papers and speeches about this very topic. I am an advocate of Genetically Modified Organisms. I have interviewed various experts

Digging Beets on the Johnson & Schuebel Farms on the outskirts of Cody, Wyoming.

and listened to  guest speakers advocate for the same product I have seen grow first hand. Research shows that Glyphosate also known as Round-Up is less toxic than coffee, caffeine and table salt. It is a well-known fact that we live in a world obsessed with coffee. People put it into their bodies every day. Yet, so many are scared of what they have no knowledge about. I know for a fact that farmers would not grow something that feeds millions something that they would not feed to their own families first. I am sorry to say, people who believe and are a part of this Non-GMO movement are simply uneducated, and are influenced by the uneducated. If you have made it this far and are anti-GMO I ask you to do the research for yourself. Find reliable sources. You will see just how important, safe and necessary GMO’s are to sustaining the lives we live and the growing number of lives we are creating.


Wait, What? MMP is over and it’s 3 days until SUMMER.

Just in case you forgot..this is me and this is my reflection on the Spring 2018 Semester in Multimedia Production. In the beginning I wanted to learn more about videography and photography and I feel as though I have done that. More than that, I learned more about many more facets of production in technology. I now have a basic, working knowledge of many useful skills. I learned the best way to interview someone in order to get useful information while getting unique and interesting information at the same time. I found that I really enjoy the audio and video aspects which were something I had never tried previously and I think I would like to pursue something in these areas. I would not have been able to do either of these tasks without some of the knowledge I acquired in this class. My favorite assignment this semester would be a tie between the audio and the video they were fun and challenging in their own rights and I enjoyed those challenges. My lease favorite would, unfortunately, would have to be the photography assignment. It is this one because I was not completely clear on the instructions and the shots we were supposed to get and I did not enjoy the ones we were supposed to take.  If I were to tell myself anything, it would be to be a little more on the ball about assignments and not put them off. Overall, this class allowed me to explore a variety of different skills and I enjoyed being able to do that.

You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Big Dipper Ice Cream!

First, let me ask you this…Who, of you, does NOT absolutely love, adore, live on ICE CREAM?

All of you? That is what I thought. Oh, whoops, I am so sorry to those of you who are lactose intolerant and/or choose not to partake in this amazing concoction. I truly am so so sorry.

Well my friend, Jamie, and I love ice cream so decided that it would be super neat to look into the Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop and see what makes them amazing and truly unique. We took a somewhat promotional angle on the subject because this shop truly deserves to be known. We want to be the ones who have the honor of really getting their name on the map. They were amazing to work with and interview which made this project an amazing experience.

It was so much fun to go into the shop more than once in one week and have a valid reason to eat ice cream for lunch. Shooting the interviews and B-role was a blast; however, editing gave us its own set of issues. The owner, John Schutterle and the store manager were great to work with and the free scoop of ice cream did not hurt 😉 They were super nice and easy to shoot. The store is beautiful and gave us some great shots to use. Editing was fun but challenging. It was fun to put together but difficult to fit it together and make it flow well. Overall, it was a great experience.

I was slightly surprised at the fact that B-role was as difficult to shoot as it was. The thought of it seems simple, but in reality it was pretty hard without the proper equipment. Have a nice Canon camera helped a ton. There was some miscommunication between iMovie and Youtube because the quality of the iMovie was amazing but when it transferred to Youtube the quality decreased substantially because it ended up so blurry which was not the case when editing it in iMovie. So if I were to change anything it would be the quality of the final posted video.

Video is an amazing way to tell any story, if you have read my previous posts you would know that I love my family and want to do my best to preserve our story. It is an awesome way to show the next generations a little bit of the life that was lead before they came and the life they lived before their memory develops.

I  now have more of an understanding and respect for Youtube stars and others who do this on a regular basis and create an awesome video and experience for the viewers.

Battle of the Colorado Pros!


Colorado has some pretty famous sports teams, the Colorado Rockies (MLB) and the Denver Broncos (NFL) are both very well known. I am a sports fan, more specifically, a Rockies fan and not so much a Broncos fan. I am comparing these two because I am curious as to how the two match up. I also want to see how baseball and football on the national level compare. I am going to compare the two, more specifically their presence on social media
to see what is working well for each of them and what is not.

Without further ado, I am going to look at their Facebook accounts. Based on the number of likes each team has the Broncos are more popular with 4,366,914 likes whereas the Rockies only have 920,278 likes. Based on the number of people who like Rockies and Broncos and also follow them they both have a loyal following with 92%. Both of these organizations use Facebook effectively. They post multiple times a day to keep them relevant and updated on their followers feeds. Facebook has the most users of any platform but this is seems it might not be the best place to reach the most people.

Instagram is the second most used social media just after Facebook, so it makes sense that both of these teams have a large presence on IG. Rockies have a decent following compared to it neighbor the Broncos. The Rockies following is 294K which is a big number but then there is the Broncos with a following totaling 1.1M. However, content-wise the Rockies have the Broncos beat with a post count of 7,246 versus the Broncos 5,663 posts. Both of their profiles are interactive with their fans and followers because they utilize the hashtags; the Rockies have their 25th anniversary so their current hashtag is #Rockies25th and the Broncos’ is #Broncos.

 There is a substantial difference between each of their followings on Twitter as well. The Broncos have their highest number of followers on Twitter than any other platform so this is the best way for the Broncos to reach the most people. They have a total of 2.65M followers. This is also the case for the Rockies, their follower total is 527K. Both teams use this site the most out of all of them, the number of posts proves this point. The Rockies have posted 87.1K times over the last eight years, but the Broncos have posted 47.6K times int the last nine years. They are very interactive so they have a good reputation with their followers. Here are their twitter websites so you can see for yourself!
Colorado Rockies: https://twitter.com/Rockies
Denver Broncos: https://twitter.com/Broncos

Pinterest is a fairly new platform for social media purposes. However, the Broncos have a substantial lead on this platform over the Rockies. The Broncos have 14,374 followers as opposed to the Rockies 2,995 followers. The Broncos have many more boards than the Rockies do. Pinterest reaches a different demographic than other social media platform seeing as about 71% of their users are women, women are not typically the diehard sports fans so they can use this to draw them in a little more. They can target women more with the content that they post and make it more feminine or Do It Yourself (DIY) for product or activities focused around the franchise.

Snapchat is a little difficult to navigate. While searching for each organizations account it is hard to find if they have not updated or added to their story very recently. They do both have one and I had followed the Rockies prior to writing this so I can attest to the fact that they do update their story very often. Whether it is game day or otherwise there is always something they are doing that the fans who see their updates are interested in learning about. I have not been following the Broncos I did add them on Snapchat; however, it might have been at the fault of Snapchat but I could not find them on there. I will continue to follow them and see what comes from them when the season is in session.

 When looking into each teams LinkedIn it is quite interesting because the Rockies have a larger following than the Broncos. They both have a good start on this platform with an interesting About page. The Rockies have 5,533 followers while the Broncos have 3,249 followers. However, the Broncos have been more diligent in updating their content. The last time the Broncos posted was 4 hours but the Rockies have not posted in 2 months and have only posted a grand total of 3 times. The Broncos have posted 326 times. LinkedIn has grown in popularity recently so this is an important place for them to keep updated which the Broncos have done a much better job of doing.


 The Rockies use social media effectively because they update it multiple times per day, as well as keeping fans interested by interacting with them using hashtags, and they are on most if not all of the most popular social media sites so they are reaching as many people as they can. They are consistent across all media platforms and are very personable through the internet. However, they could use some help getting a bigger following on the sites where they are lacking. They can have promotions or give aways to promote interaction. They can advertise more to draw more people into the “family”. They can update the lesser used sites to reach the people who they may not reach on other platforms. On LinkedIn they could post more to be more relevant on an up and coming site.

The Broncos are also very successful in their social media presence. They are also consistent across their platforms and have millions of followers on several different sites and they are active on most of their platforms. They update most of them on a regular basis to stay relevant with their fans throughout the year. They do a good job of including their fans on their media sites, Instagram, for example, they have posted some pictures fans have submitted onto their page. They could make their Snapchat account more prominent by posting more often from what I noticed and could find, they have not. They could do more to promote the players through social media. They do a good job all around in staying up to date and in touch with their fans.

The presenters I have heard in class have given some great advise when dealing with social media and being in the public eye. They have told us to how to manage a social media page effectively by not posting too much but also not posting too little. There is a balance and they enlightened us on how to do this. They just brought out the fact that I had not thought about, it was how annoyed we can get if we are seeing too much content from one person or organization and how it is ineffective when trying to promote something or someone.

Old West Eating in Cody, Wyoming!

Cody is located at the East gate of Yellowstone National Park in Northwestern Wyoming. Cody is full of history from Buffalo Bill Cody to the Buffalo Bill Dam to the Rodeo Capital of the World. There are lots of reasons to visit Cody and as if you need another reason to visit the historic western town, here is one more, the food. There are many western themed restaurants  in Cody and this map shows the five of them that I like best. I have also included the top two “after dinner sweets” places that are “must-go-to’s”. Whether you are coming into town from Yellowstone or Billings, Montana or from the South through Meeteetse, there is so much to do when you arrive but first you have to fuel up your bodies.


My map is organized from West to East coming into town from Yellowstone. Most Cody traffic comes from this direction. I spoke to a local, my mom, Deanna Schuebel who enjoys eating out at a variety of restaurants and has lived in Cody for her entire life, 59 years. She told me that her favorites in town are the Proud Cut Saloon and Pat O’Hara Brewing Company.

The sign in front of Our Place.    Photo from: http://www.codyyellowstone.org/yellowstone-travel-blog/corrie-n-codys-top-11-list/


The first stop is Our Place on W Yellowstone Ave. Our place is a tiny old-fashioned place that serves classic American food, 25 cent coffee, and breakfast all day. So if you are looking for a classic American Western place to eat and want that old time feel this is the place to go. If you need more information see them on Tripadvisor at https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g60442-d1086670-Reviews-Our_Place-Cody_Wyoming.html.

Bubba’s sign in their front lawn. Photo taken from https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g60442-d514653-Reviews-Bubba_s_Bar_B_Que-Cody_Wyoming.html





Next up is Bubba’s BBQ, it is just a little way down the road toward downtown. This is the place to go for classic BBQ. They have a variety of options and I think they have the best ribs in town. They have amazing barbecue sauce that they put on many of their dishes. One of the favorites on their menu is the pulled pork sandwich on Texas toast. They have great prices and great service. The decor of Bubba’s screams Wild West. They use horseshoes for the napkin holders, wall and booth separators. You can find more information on Bubba’s at https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g60442-d514653-Reviews-Bubba_s_Bar_B_Que-Cody_Wyoming.html.

After that comes Buffalo Bill’s Irma Restaurant and Grille on Sheridan Avenue or Main Street. The Irma is the essence of Cody. It is located in the Irma Hotel which was created and built by Buffalo Bill and it is named after his daughter, Irma. The Irma serves steak and burgers like many of the local restaurants in town. It is good food and a good experience eating in the historic hotel. See more on the hotel and restaurant at http://www.irmahotel.com/.

Photo from: http://www.panicd.com/irma-hotel.html

Next on Main street is the Proud Cut Saloon n’ Steak House. The Proud Cut has some of the best burgers in town. It also has interesting decor that captures the history of Cody and some of the well known locals and places. They have the best home fries which are home made fried chips. Schuebel said “It is a saloon so not exactly a family place but they do have a room in the back during the winter and in the summer they have a very nice back patio where families can sit and eat”. They have very good pricing for the amount and quality of the food they serve. For more information visit https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g60442-d514649-Reviews-Proud_Cut_Saloon-Cody_Wyoming.html.

Picture of the mirror sign behind the bar.   Photo from:https://www.trover.com/d/13fFW-proud-cut-saloon-cody-wyoming

Lastly, there is the Pat O’Hara Brewing Company. According to Schuebel, “this is my favorite place in town, they have great food but they also gave roses out on Valentine’s day”. They have delicious food including steak, burgers, pastas, and much more. Their brewery includes a variety of  beers and other drinks made in house. Visit their website at http://patoharabrewing.com/.

Photo taken from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSdHOJnRgXA

Then, there is the “after dinner sweets” potion of the map. These are the places to go after you have filled up on all the wonderful western cuisine and need a sweet little something to top it all off. These are two of my many favorites around Cody, and I thought I would share the wealth with you.

Photo from: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g60442-d10522550-Reviews-Annies_Soda_Saloon_Cafe-Cody_Wyoming.html

The first of these is Annie’s Soda Saloon. This is a new old-fashioned soda saloon where you can buy a variety of old-fashion sodas, shakes, ice cream, pie and more. It has a great atmosphere, they have an old silent, black and white movie playing on the wall as well as other old western decor. This is Schuebel’s favorite after dinner shoppe. You can find more on their website, http://www.anniessodasaloon.com/.

The last is Peter’s Cafe and Bakery. If you want a classic ice cream cone and a variety of flavors to choose from you will want to head to Peter’s. They have many flavors and they are not the typical ones so you can try something you have never tried before. They also have a full menu of good eats. But, the ice cream is the best in town.

Photo from: http://thefoodpornographer.com/2015/07/my-first-day-in-cody-wyoming/

Emma’s Trip to Mexico!

I interviewed a close friend, Emma Meyer. Figuring out and using the audio recorder was fun and easy. All I had to do was press start and end. It was good because it was not obnoxious and we could have more of a conversation and there was less pressure. It was a really cool first experience being able to interview a friend and someone I am comfortable around.

Editing was fun and easy-peasy. It was cool to arrange it how I thought it sounded the best and and come across as logical even though the order was different. It was cool to learn to use a new program and to create something cool in that process.

The thing that surprised me about this project was how simple it was. Audio recordings always seemed so daunting to make but now having made one and being remotely successful on the first real try was amazing and makes me want to record everyone’s stories. I think it would be a neat project to record my family stories and to compile them in a way that they can live on and be told the same way they always have been. It can be a way to bring my family together and around the holidays to get them out and listen to them for  years to come.

If there was one thing I could change it would be how nervous I was. Even though I was interviewing someone I know well, it still got to me a little bit. In the raw interview I think you can hear that. It does not really matter in the long run because my voice is edited out but I want to be more calm around the person I am interviewing. Other than that I think the interview went smoothly as well as the editing, I did not have any trouble with the editing as far as I can tell.